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The island of flowers

Martinique, dream destination

Sailing in the Caribbean is a true paradise for boaters. With ideal navigation conditions, a consistent wind and warm temperatures all year round, you’ll be able to enjoy crystal clear water with temperatures between 25º and 28º. The proximity of the different islands allows you to move from one lagoon to another in just a few hours. It’s the perfect place for a catamaran cruise.

The Caribbean is home to beaches for every taste: wild, crowded, secluded, hidden, popular… For an exceptional relaxation experience, head to Les Salines, in the south of the island. These beaches are among the most beautiful in the island and the Caribbean as a whole.


Martinique is an island full of surprises! You will find amazing landscapes, hikes in the middle of nature but also large beaches of white sand or even sometimes black sand.

But behind this postcard setting, discovering the island of Martinique also involves discovering its gastronomy : accras, boucanais chicken, Creole pudding, stuffed crab, colombo, chiquetaille, the famous Robinson, not to mention the countless fruits…


Martinique lives to the rhythm of the sun, the sea and the festivals. Its good humor not only allows you to disconnect from everyday life, but also to recharge your batteries in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

Fauna & Flora

The island is home to extraordinary natural riches where the tropical forest and the mangroves meet. Notice to hiking enthusiasts, Martinique has tens of kilometers of marked trails that will allow you to discover remote places.

Like a giant botanical garden, it offers a great overview of the natural wonders of the Caribbean. Between its sugar cane fields and its landscapes made up of thousands of flowers, budding botanists will be in paradise.

Itinerary in 13 days

Example of itinerary that you could complete in 13 days.

DAY 1 : La Martinique - Sainte Lucie

Wake up early for the first sail to Saint Lucia. It will take you about 4 hours of navigation (31 nautical miles) before arriving in the magnificent and famous “Rodney Bay”. After a first swim in the turquoise water, you can have a leisurely lunch in the sun (temperatures are close to 28º all year round) before weighing anchor and sailing along the coast of Saint Lucia to the second anchorage: Marigot Bay . You will spend the night there to wake up amazed by the beauty of the landscapes and mountains that surround you.

DAY 2 : Sainte Lucie - Saint Vincent

The island is a paradise in itself and offers beautiful beaches, such as that of Wallilabou, where scenes from the famous Pirates of the Caribbean films were filmed. In the capital, Kingstown, in the south of the island, there is a beautiful botanical garden that is worth visiting with a guide.

In the restaurants of the city, you can enjoy the tasty Creole gastronomy, based on seafood products such as crab, lobster and conch (queen conch).

Otherwise, you can also anchor in Cumberland Bay, with a “Tahitian style” anchorage (mooring an extra line to a coconut tree from behind to avoid turning). From Cumberland or Wallibubu, you can easily walk to a nearby river, allowing you to discover a magnificent spectacle: a waterfall plunging into lush vegetation.

DAY 3 : Saint Vincent - Bequia

Welcome to the Grenadines, Bequia Island (pronounced “Bekwé”) is the second largest of this paradisiacal archipelago. It is the island of former whalers. You will then anchor in front of the capital Port Elisabeth, in “Admiralty Bay”. Then you will have to go ashore to make your “clearance” and discover the very friendly local population and their culinary specialties, by tasting for example a grilled fish in one of the typical restaurants.

You can see the local fishermen spearfishing; they are the only ones in the world who still do so; or learn all about sea turtles at the Old Hegg Turtle Sanctuary.

DAY 4 : Bequia - Mustique

A tiny island (6 km2), Jet Set island renowned for its charm and discretion. The island is also home to exceptional wilderness, between coral reefs and breeding grounds for sea turtles. Sailboats and other rental boats can only anchor in Britannia Bay.

DAY 5 : Mustique - Canouan

Canouan is the wildest island of the Grenadines and the least visited. The crescent-shaped island is only 5.5 km long and 2 km wide. The anchorages are good and the water is clear. It has a large coral reef, ideal for diving, also protecting admirable beaches, very close to Charleston, its very small “capital” of 300 inhabitants. Because the island itself has only 750 permanent residents.

DAY 6 : Canouan - Mayreau

The smallest inhabited island of the Grenadines archipelago where calm and tranquility reign. Gateway to the Tobago Cays, the island will seduce you with its fine sandy beaches and coconut palms. You should definitely take a stroll around this tiny island, where you’ll otherwise find reggae-themed cafes and restaurants, there are colorful local rum shops and a quaint stone church with lintels at the doors and windows. painted red. Fish crab and visit small villages. In the evening, anchor in the bay of Salt Whistle Bay.

DAY 7 : Mayreau - Tobago Cays

If you’ve been dreaming of white sand beaches and coral reefs since watching Pirates of the Caribbean, this might be the place to be. A large coral reef forms a semi-circle upwind of Petit Rameau, Petit Bateau, Baradal and Jamesby islets. Petit Tabac, although upwind of the first reef, is protected by a second reef, the World’s End Reef. The archipelago is classified as a marine park. These islets are tufts of palm trees surrounded by white sand, bathed by a turquoise sea. Good anchorages abound there.

Enjoy the seabed and the coral reef surrounding this archipelago. In one of the most beautiful lagoons in the Caribbean, the program is: Snorkeling and Farniente !

DAY 8 : Tobago Cays - Petit Saint Vincent

Private island that functions as a holiday club, and therefore you will see all along the coast deck chairs and hammocks that invite you to relax and where it is good to spend whole hours there.

DAY 9 : Petit Saint Vincent - La Petite Martinique

The island, of volcanic origin, does not stand out for its beaches, but for its paths along the coast which are interesting to discover. On Petite Martinique there is a supermarket renowned for its supply of wines from all over the world.

DAY 10 : La Petite Martinique - Union

We weigh anchor and sail towards Union Island, the southernmost of the Grenadines. We recommend that you make a short stop at the tiny island of Morpion, well known to tourists, because there is only one umbrella in the middle of the beach. You will have a fun time there taking pictures of the parasol. Do not miss the majestic coral reef which offers a marvelous spectacle and do some shopping through Clifton Harbour.

At Union Island, you can moor in Clifton Harbour, a very popular mooring spot on this island, as it is very close to many restaurants and cafes.

DAY 11 : Union - Saint Vincent

We begin the return trip, because the route must end where we started, in Martinique. We pass again through Saint-Vincent, where we can again enjoy this wonderful island, along its long coast.

DAY 12 : Saint Vincent - Sainte Lucie

On the penultimate day of navigation, we arrive again in Saint Lucia. If you haven’t done this on your first visit to the island, stop off at Castries, the capital of the island. This is a bustling cruise ship port and nearby is a market where for over 100 years local vendors have gathered to sell all sorts of fresh produce.

DAY 13 : Sainte Lucie - La Martinique

Your Caribbean itinerary comes to an end and it’s time to return to Le Marin. Along the way, anchor at Saint-Anne and enjoy one last time the dream landscapes, the wild nature and the breathtaking viewpoints.

This itinerary is purely indicative. It can be modified according to the length of your stay, your preferences… Of course we can help you in the preparation of your itinerary.

Stars in your eyes, you will leave your boat with only one desire: to come back the following year, and why not go north this time, which is also really worth the detour.

Head off to Martinique

We are a team of enthusiasts, available to make you spend unforgettable holidays. We offer tailor-made routes around activities such as snorkeling, hiking, beaches…

 Le Marin, Martinique

We are a team of enthusiasts, available to make you spend unforgettable holidays. We offer tailor-made routes around activities such as snorkeling, hiking, beaches…


 Le Marin, Martinique

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 Le Marin, Martinique